Report: Olympic security isn't X-raying some bags at security checkpoints to speed up lines, and it’s raising alarms about Rio's safety

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A concerning
report from Wall Street Journal’s 
Troianovski and Paul Kiernan
on Monday said Olympic security
in Rio has been occasionally waiving X-rays at entrances to speed
up long lines.

At checkpoints, security officials have been checking bags by
hand instead of putting them through X-rays to try and help

According to WSJ, a reporter at a media entrance said he was
waiting for his bag to be reviewed when the security official
walked away, leaving the reporter free to enter the building.

Mario Andrada, a spokesman for the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee,
told the Journal:

“Sometimes we go to manual screening when we see the lines
forming … but it’s never like, open the doors, open the gates. We
do manual screening and we do random screening and we have very
experienced people.”

This is obviously a concerning development at any major sporting
event, but particularly a global one in a city with its share of
crime troubles like Rio. On Friday night, the chief of security
was mugged at knife point while leaving the Olympic Stadium,

according to the New York Times

Over the weekend, a News Corp.
photographer had $40,000 worth of equipment stolen by a group of
who entered the archery venue illegally. Luckily for
the photographer, in a dose of good fortune, he later saw one of
the thieves carrying his equipment and he was able to get it

While Andrada told WSJ that they successfully shortened the
lines, security should be a bigger priority than wait times to
get into the venues.

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